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Why A Florida Wedding Ceremony
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Why a Full Time Officiant is essential for your wedding day.
First and most important, hire a person who’s business is performing wedding
ceremonies, that means FULL TIME.
Would you want to hire any other professional that works full time at another
occupation?  Many people who portray themselves as wedding officiants or
planners actually have full time jobs and perform weddings or plan weddings “on
the side” you are the secondary focus for them.  Is this what you want for the most
important day of your life?  Absolutely not! You deserve a person that will be with
you every step of the way, someone who is focusing on you full time.  You will
never be in second place at A Florida Wedding Ceremony.  We perform ceremonies
full time, week days and weekends.  We are the preferred ceremony officiants at
many venues and with many wedding planners in the Tampa Bay area.  We are
here for you Full Time, whenever you need us, we are here for you!

A professional celebrant has experience. There is far more to performing a wedding
ceremony than simply reading from a script. Your officiant needs to empathize and
understand what you are trying to say to each other and to your guests. Most people can
read well with practice, but a professional officiant will give your chosen words true life and
resonance. We have all attended weddings where a lackluster celebrant has plodded
through a dull script and seen how that can leave everyone present bored and unfulfilled. A
professional wedding minister will know how to bring your ceremony to life.
•        The personality of your officiant can be critical to your ceremony. An upbeat nature, a
good and appropriate sense of humor, the ability to move from section to section with grace
and style and improvise smoothly if needed are very handy in a wedding environment where
the unexpected can and does often occur. In an incredibly emotional moment you need an
officiant who can put you at ease, and who you can trust to carry you through from start to
•        Hiring a professional celebrant brings you an insurance of reliability. A reputable and
paid professional will show up on time, be prepared, dressed appropriately and sober. On a
day that can be filled with anxiety, you need to know the man or woman conducting your
ceremony is not going to give you any nasty surprises. A professional officiant knows how to
appropriately interact with your wedding party, your guests, and the other professionals you
have hired for the day.
•        A professional has flexibility and can adapt to any surprises and changes the wedding
day may bring. They will be able to cope with any last minute changes or unexpected
pitfalls. Almost no wedding goes exactly according to plan. In fact I can confidently say that
none do. A professional will have the experience to react and adapt constructively and
appropriately to almost any surprise your ceremony throws at you.
•        An experienced wedding celebrant will be controlled enough not to be distracted from
their task but the events around them. A late start, technical problems, noise from the
audience and camera flashes are all things they will know how to take in their stride. A
professional will know how to remain calm despite what may be taking place around them.
•        In hiring a professional you are protecting yourself. You should be given a contract
that protects and lays out the needs and responsibilities of all parties. In working with an
officiant you are often giving them access to personal and sensitive information about
yourself and your family. A professional will know how to protect that confidence.
•        Perhaps the most important reason to use a professional is that they can be an
invaluable help in planning and preparing your ceremony. An experienced celebrant can
advise you on the elements you might need and be constructive about what will work well
and less so. A good celebrant will stay in touch and available to you throughout the planning
process, to answer any questions or concerns you have.
The bottom line is that, although your choice of officiant may SEEM a small and unimportant
part of your day, making the wrong choice can turn even the most expensive and
meticulously planned day into something far from the ceremony you dreamed of.
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